The voluntary association Ambika was initiated by three founding partners who share common values and projects for the children living at Saint Jude’s Foundling Home of Jhansi, in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. The association works in direct contact with the nuns of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart who run the orphanage.

Ambika is the result of a long-held dream of the president of the association and her deep wish to “return” - with some small gestures – the Love received by the sisters when she herself grew up in that same orphanage.

Who could understand the needs of an orphan better then her, a person who lived at that orphanage herself?

Based on this motivation and dedication, the association aims at supporting the children living at the orphanage in their growth in order to fully develop of their personal resources, from childhood through to majority. By supporting the nuns in their essential role as educators and important reference persons for the children, the association contributes to the school education of the children and to fostering in them a sense of responsibility as prerequisites for the adult life. 


Ambika pursues exclusively non-profit activities in the cultural sector and in the children’s education and training.

In the past, the “natural” destiny of these children was international adoption. Statistical data show that over the years, the number of adopted children declined significantly. Moreover, the circumstances that lead to children growing up in an orphanage in India changed. In recent years, an increasing number of Indian families confronted with severe economical and social difficulties decided to entrust their children to child-care facilities and orphanages. Consequently, these children growing up in orphanages without necessarily being orphans need an adequate education and training in order to lead an autonomous life within the Indian society.

The nuns working at the St. Jude’s Foundling Home fulfil their task with profound love and dedication. They do everything they can to make sure that every child gets a sound education and solid training in consideration of his or her personal and professional abilities.

The association Ambika devises and supports educational and vocational projects aimed at improving the individual resources of every child and at developing the necessary skills for a successful employment once the children reach their majority. In this way, they may also become a resource for their family of origin

As required by the Statute, the activities of the association include funding and supporting the orphanage, participate in international development projects, fund raising, the drafting of agreements and treaties in order to better cooperate with other local institutions.

Ambika works only with volunteers providing their support free of charge.

The president
Dr. Lucy Battù